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Cute little children girls in carnival costumes wearing face mas
Halloween can require some extra planning and precautions when celebrating with children who have autism. UAB Medicine published an article […]
Navigating Halloween 2020 for Kids with Special Needs
Mother Adjusts Her Sons Mask. A Mother And Child On Their Way To
This upcoming fall will be like no other for America’s children. As schools struggle to decide how to re-open safely, […]
Challenges of Transitioning to School in the Fall
Portrait Cheerful Handsome Little Boy. Preschool Child Or Toddle
t’s July, and we have all spent more than our fair share of time inside over the past four months. […]
Time Outside
Happy Family With Child Girl Blow Soap Bubbles Outdoor In Sunny
Parents of special needs children worldwide are struggling with the prospect of engaging the minds and bodies of their children […]
Keep Your Child with Autism Engaged This Summer
Little Boy Is Meeting For Play Date In Video Chat While Coronavi
As some states cautiously move into the initial phases of re-opening, there may be more places to go within your […]
Keeping Kids Connected to Loved Ones Via Zoom and FaceTime
Mother Puts Her Son A Face Protective Mask Outdoors. Coronavirus
As states take their first tentative steps toward reopening, we want to support families navigating new rules that may be […]
Teaching COVID-19 Skills
Being a working parent is demanding.  Being a working parent with your kids home all day is demanding squared.  Being […]
Independent Play for Kids: Bathtub Fun
By: Ronit Molko, Ph.D., BCBA-D and Sally Burke, M.S. Ed., BCBA The sudden disruption in routine due to COVID-19 is […]
Helpful Tips for Your Child’s Routine Change
Aggressive behavior is something that parents of children with autism or emotional disabilities are often confronted with on a regular […]
Addressing Aggressive Behaviors in Children
As we’ve mentioned before, communication, in general, is complex. So, for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), any improvements […]
Games and Activities to Practice Social Skills at Home
Potty training, toilet training, toileting… whichever term you use, tackling these skills can be a big deal for kids and […]
Successful Toilet Training for Kids with Autism
Buying the perfect gift for kids and other loved ones can be challenging, and this can also be true when […]
How to Select Appropriate Gifts for Kids with Special Needs
The holidays are quickly approaching, which means family, festivities, and food! While the holidays can be fun for the whole […]
Preparing for Holiday Meals
Halloween can sometimes be a little scary for parents and kids, and not just because of ghouls or goblins. Between […]
Autism & Trick-or-Treating
In Tucson, Arizona many of our kids are heading into their Fall Break.  Your child’s breaks may come at different […]
How to Plan for the Upcoming School Breaks
As fall approaches, we get excited by the prospect of cool weather, warmly colored trees and the festivities that come […]
Halloween Costumes for Kids with Autism
The Outcome of your IEP process relies on you… One of the most important discussions parents can have with their […]
10 Tips for Navigating the IEPs
Halloween is just a few short weeks away.  As we prepare for the decorations and fun activities to come, now […]
Halloween Tips for Parents of Kids with Autism
All children wander away from caregivers at some point in time. It can happen in the aisles of a store, […]
Wandering Safety
Summertime offers opportunities and challenges for all parents. For parents of children with special needs, both may seem magnified. Here are […]
Planning Fun Summer Activities for Children with Autism