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Enhancing English Language Learning at LEARN Academy®

At LEARN Academy®, we offer intensive English Language Learner (ELL) interventions designed to identify and address each student’s specific language gaps. Our research-backed instructional approaches strongly focus on helping students develop strong listening and speaking skills and building a robust vocabulary. We use instructional techniques that increase student time-on-task and focus on each student’s current English proficiency instead of just their grade level.

Diagnostic assessments play a crucial role in tailoring instruction to each student. By analyzing assessment data and information gathered from classroom teachers, we create personalized profiles for each learner. These profiles serve as a clear roadmap, guiding students along the path to the desired proficiency level while achieving high levels of accomplishment throughout.

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Unlocking Success with LEARN Academy’s® ELL Program

  • Individualized ELL support allows students from diverse/unique cultural and linguistic backgrounds to adapt to the general education curriculum as quickly as possible.  
  • LEARN understands intimately the sheer demand that teachers have on their time, as well as the shortage of human resources that your district likely faces. Outsourcing ELL support to LEARN’s experts will allow your school to focus thin resources towards serving the greatest number of students. 
  • Through an approach that involves teachers routinely, interventions are targeted, allowing students to return to the general education classroom for more of the day, sooner.